Descriptive Text about Agnes Monica

Descriptive Text about Agnes Monica

She is one of my favorite singer. She has a good voices.  She is one of great singer  actress and in Indonesia. Now, she included in Indonesian singer who go international. Her name fully is Agnes Monica Muljoto, but she is well known as Agnes Monica or Agnes Mo. Agnes Monica was born in Jakarta on July 1, 1986. She is the youngest of the couple Jenny and Ricky Siswono Suprapto. He has a brother named Steve Muljoto who later became her manager. Agnes completed Tarakanita elementary education in Jakarta, and then continued his education to Junior Pelita Harapan. At her school, Agnes is a student who excel in academics and often receive a scholarship, although he is also busy with activities outside of school such as piano lessons, English, ice skating, and badminton.
I think Agnes Monica is beautiful person. She is not too tall and not too short, her tall are 165 cm and her weight are 49 kg. She has straight hair and black hair but like most artists in general she often coloring her hair and change her hair style to match her style on the stage. Like most Chinese people in general, her eyes slanting and black, her color skin clean and white but now she has brown skin after she tanned her skin when she was in Long Angeles half year ago. She has a beautiful smile. She is a very kind person. She is very lovely and friendly especially to her fans, Agnezious. Her hobby are singing and playing ice skating. Pop and RnB are Agnes Monica's music genre. Her occupations are singer, song writer, actress, dancer and producer. Her labels are Aquarius Musikindo and The Cherry Party. Her Website is
When she performed on the stage, she always show her beautiful feet and sexy body which make her comfortable to sing a song especially beat song because she dance while singing the song. As my favorite female singer, she also has special characteristic, for example her performance on the stage is very simple because she wears hot pants which usually accompany her when she rocks her fans in a live concert or other music event that she held. When she performance on the stage, she also usually wears sport shoes because she have to dance with her dancer in many of her songs. She wears high heels only when she sing ballad song and also when she come to special events. She always looked perfect in her style especially in her clothes and dress style. Altough she only wears simple clothes like T-Shirt, she still looked beautiful. She also wears glamour dress when she come or invited to special events like music awarding, movie premiere, etc. In addition, she also usually wears some accessories such as rings, necklace, bangles, earings, and she has a silver "navel ring" pierced in her navel.
Agnes talent in the arts has seemingly since he was a child, especially the singing field. Besides forged in the church, Agnes also took courses vocals in some places. When the age of six years, Agnes began her career as a singer and recording his first children's album, entitled The Meow. Agnes's name as a singer bounce when she released her second album in 1995 which Yess!, Which is a duet album with Eza yayang. Her last children's album, Bala-Bala, was released the following year.  Agnes also became the host for several children's programs, including Video Anak Anteve (VAN) on AnteveTralala-Trilili on RCTI, and Diva Romeo on Trans TV. She was awarded "Most Favorite Presenter of Children's Program" at the Panasonic Awards in 1999 and 2000 for Tralala-Trilili.
Agnes began acting as a teenager. Her first two roles were on the soap operas Lupus Millennia and Mr Hologram in 1999. The next year, she starred in the TV seriesPernikahan Dini, which served as a turning point in her career by transforming her image from that of a child artist to one of a teenage artist. The production was well received by audiences, and she received the "Favorite Actress" award at the 2001 and 2002 Panasonic Awards, as well as the "Popular Actress" award at the 2002 SCTV Award.  In 2002, Agnes starred in three soap operas, Ciuman PertamaKejar Daku Kau Ku Tangkap, and Amanda. Due to her popularity, she became the highest-paid teenage artist in Indonesia. 
Agnes also recorded songs in her early teens, including "Pernikahan Dini" and "Seputih Hati" for the soundtrack of Pernikahan Dini, both of which are featured on the 2001 compilation album Love Theme. The following year, she collaborated with the Indonesian senior singer Yana Julio in the song "Awan dan Ombak" for his studio album Jumpa Lagi.
On 8 October 2003, Agnes released her first adult album, And the Story Goes. In this album, she worked with several famed Indonesian producers and songwriters, including Ahmad DhaniMelly Goeslaw, and Titi DJ. The album sold 35,000 copies before its official release. It was later certified double platinum after selling more than 300,000 copies. The album won three awards after receiving ten nominations at the 2004 Anugerah Musik Indonesia Awards—the highest music awards in Indonesia. They were "Best Female Solo Pop Artist" for the song "Jera", "Best Dance/Techno Production" for the song "Bilang Saja", and "Best Duo/Group" for her duet with Ahmad Dhani in "Cinta Mati". She also won "Best Female Newcomer" at the 2004 Anugerah Planet Muzik awards in Singapore. Because of her success at a young age, she was dubbed a "Young Diva" by members of the media. At this point, she started broaching the idea of an international career.
Agnes also starred in several TV series during this time, playing the lead role in three: Cewekku Jutek,Bunga Perawan, and Cantik. She won "Favorite Actress" at the 2003 Panasonic Awards and "Famous Actress" at 2004 SCTV Awards.
In 2004, after graduating from Pelita Harapan senior high school, Agnes enrolled at Pelita Harapan University, where she majored in Business Law. But now, she continue her study on Oregon State University.
In late 2010, Agnes experienced a breakthrough into the international market when she was chosen as an international red carpet host for the annual American Music Awards on 21 November 2010 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Agnes released a greatest hits album Agnes Is My Name on 2 February 2011. The album were sold via Indonesian franchise of the American fast food restaurant, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). The album compiled her top hit singles and two new songs, "Karena Ku Sanggup" and "Paralyzed". The album sold one million copies in three months, earning her the "Million Awards" award from IndonesianKFC, a fast food restaurant chain that marketed the album. Her new song in the album, "Karena Ku Sanggup", won her the "Best Pop Female Singer" award at the 2011 AMI Awards. She also won the "Most Inbox Video Clip" award at the 2011 Inbox Awards for the "Paralyzed" video clip, which was made in Indonesia and the United States. Another single, "Muda", was released on 9 November 2012. Agnes was often selected to participate in important events. In 2010 she was appointed as an ambassador of the MTV EXIT, she was chosen to perform for the 26th SEA Games 2011 Opening Ceremony.  In 2011 she was nominated in the Worldwide Acts Asia Pacific Nominees category for the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards. In March 2012 she was nominated for the American Nickleodeon Kids Choice Awards 2012 for a new category, Favorite Asian Act. Still in the same year, she won an Mnet Asian Music Awards for Best Asian Artis Indonesia. She was also nominated for 2013 World Music Awards for Worlds Best Song, Worlds Best Female Artist, Worlds Best Live Act and also Worlds Best Entertainer of The Year.
Throughout her career, she has often been controversial in Indonesia. When she was a teenager, her frequent comments about her goal to break into the international market was viewed by some as a pompous proclamation. In 2010, however, she began work on a debut English studio album. Consequently, her slogan "Dream, Believe, and Make it Happen" was used in a 2011 cultural conference to inspire young people organized by the US Embassy in Jakarta.
In humanitarian, Agnes has conducted fundraising activities for victims of the 2004 Tsunami in Aceh and the 2006 earthquake in Java. In 2009, Agnes visited Situ Gintung, where a dam failure had caused flooding. She also donated a sum of money to relief efforts and performed several of her songs for the victims. Agnes also helped to raise over Rp 400 for Persis, an association football team based in Surakarta, through a benefit concert held at the Diamond Convention Center in Surakarta. In 2011, she participated at The Save Teen Charity Concert in Jakarta, a benefit concert to raise money to help teenagers who have dropped out of school.


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  1. Maaf saya hanya menambahkan, pengunaan kata ganti "her" itu "her" juga, bukan "his",dia kan cewek.we are same learn too,but the fals, it's always better, guys!

  2. Maaf saya hanya menambahkan, pengunaan kata ganti "her" itu "her" juga, bukan "his",dia kan cewek.we are same learn too,but the fals, it's always better, guys!


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